And I'm doing this because..........?

I don't really know why I'm doing this seems like a good idea to let others in on my random ramblings about my return to the little seaside town, where I spent my childhood holidays. Only this time, instead of staying for two weeks....myself and my 3 children have moved here....and we love it. It's like being on holiday....all the time!

Monday, 10 May 2010

I've just......

Walked along the seafront, the sun is shining, there's people sitting at their beach huts, and few brave souls(....or idiot's depends which way you look at life)having a paddle. The cafe's are open, the swingboats are ready, so are the trampoline's. It looks picture perfect.....but it's soooo cold! Feels more like February than May. Those few days of warmth we had last month made us forget the long winter we had....out came the flip flop's and t-shirts....or off came the t-shirts in some cases. Why do men with huge beer bellies think it's 'ok' to strip off at the first sign of's gross....put it away! In the windows of all our seafront pubs and restuarants you'll see signs warning men not to enter until they have 'put it away'...or words to that effect. Who'd want to look at a seemimgly half naked man who appears to be 9 months pregnant, whilst they eating their meal? Why do they think it's acceptable? It's not...ewww...ewww...ewww.
I've noticed I've gone totally off'll have to get used to that....I do it a lot :)

The Mermaid

Here is the infamous mermaid! She is painted on the side of a building at the end of my road....hence the instructions given by me to anyone visiting us...."Turn left at the mermaid"...geddit?!
(and,no, I have no idea why she's cuddling a swordfish :O)